Where are the love letters?

Before you start wondering which love letters I’m talking about, remember that boy in primary school who was always pulling your hair, teasing you and generally getting on your nerves? And the one in secondary school who used to send you those ‘ditto & doxology’ notes? 🙂 Yeah! Those letters were hilariously cheesy! I remember the boys used to quote full Westlife, Boys 2 Men, and All 4 One songs…eesh! Then those gargantuan words copied and pasted from dictionaries that smelt as ancient as the words themselves…:D. As the Boys truly became Men, the language either changed to something much more mature, or that mushy part of their brains disappeared entirely 🙂 Now with our fast-growing Information Technology, we’ve evolved from writing lengthy love letters by hand to typing text messages, e-mails and instant messages. Our love has gone techno!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating that we go back to those Nipost days, no. It’s just that, being as in love as I am with words and writing, it would be nice to see a hand-written note or card (oh how I love cards!) once in a while…being sent or being received, being bought in a store, being cherished…weaving its way back into the fabric of our lives. There’s a touch of humanity, a part of one’s personality that shows in our handwriting. The various emoticons on our messenger apps help us fill that void sha.

But wait o…what medium am I using to create this blog post? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Where are the love letters?

  1. Umanah Uduak says:

    Hi deary,
    Beautiful piece!!!! Two days ago, i was arranging my stuff and came across some of my own LOVE letters received from secondary school!!!!!!!!!
    Hahahahahahaha, i really wished i had more. Memories………..


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