Have you ever been in a situation where it seems you’re the only one doing what you’re doing and believing in what you are believing, and everyone is questioning your actions, making you almost doubt yourself?

Well, be rest assured, you’re not alone. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Henry Ford, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Bishop Oyedepo, the Late Bishop Idahosa, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor David Ibeyiomie, Wole Soyinka, the Late Gani Fawehinmi, Fela and Tara Durotoye, and all the successful people that you know, they all felt that same way at one point or the other in their lives, and look where they are and what they’ve accomplished.

Like I always say, there was a time everyone thought the earth was flat, even up to the extent Galileo was killed for allegedly being a heretic. Why? He KNEW it was round. Now he’s been proved right, time and time again.

So it matters what you know, what you believe. Let’s face it, in the end, on Judgement day, that’s all that matters.

It won’t matter that you married from your tribe or not, it won’t matter that you studied Engineering or Law like your father asked you to, it won’t matter that you took that Chieftaincy title, it won’t matter that you went to Havard, nor will it matter that you’re the most trending person on earth; all that will matter is what you believe in and what you did with your life as regards that belief.

So, my dear, highly esteemed readers…it does matter what you know…as long as you know the TRUTH about life and walk in it, everything contrary that anyone says to you is just noise.


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