Jotta A: extraordinary!

The first time I heard Jotta A, he did not sound like a young boy, but like one who knows God loves him, and who loves God back, with every fibre of his being. I watched him sing Agnus Dei, and it was wow! When I got to hear he’d released his album, Essencia, and I got to watch this video from a friend, it was amazing to see him perform a song that was so deep. I don’t speak Portuguese, -still learning- but the song didn’t need language to grip my spirit and reach out to my soul: awesome!

So here you go peeps: Extraordinario by Jotta A.
If you’ve already seen the video, you’d know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, feel free to let yourself go in worship!



And when you’re done, be sure to look for the album and buy online! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Jotta A: extraordinary!

  1. Umanah Uduak says:

    Wow!!!!!!! when i first listened to him, it was a youtube video of a 4yr old ministering in a crusade.
    I was inspired to do more as a minister, he is truely… your words “extraordinary”!!!!!!!!


    • chymdii says:

      Thanks dear! As you said, he’s an inspiration! First time I heard him, I wondered what I’d been doing all along with my voice! 🙂


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