Colour galore!

2012 has come and gone, and a lot of things happened in our various countries: economic gebge, political brouhaha, and all that stuff. Thank God for His loving kindness and grace in our lives. But there is sha one thing that happened on the fashion scene last year (which if you did not notice, you are on a loooong thing!)…’Cos, seriously…the fashion scene was blocked! Like COLOUR blocked! Colours and colors of every shade imaginable (and unimaginable), in amazing combinations, were worn on the catwalks of the neighbourhoods and campuses in Naija (make I talk the one I see na ūüôā ) As usual, we Nigerians took it to a whole new level. Yeah, we’re too much! Good people, great nation, abi no be so? Please feel free to feast on the pictures below. The first is a pictorial translation for colour blocks :)…and further down you’d see that even the menfolk have a superlative representation here… Are we still gon’ block colours this year? Even the rainbow looked drab compared to some outfits…:D


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