Wow! The much anticipated video for Ada’s newest single, Bobo Me, premiered today, and it’s hot! Excellent camera lighting angles, and all of that technical stuff, it was just so awesome!
Call me an over-excited fan if you will, but Ada, (former stage name Ada Dasings) is a vocal masterpiece. Her first album Undenied, and the Reloaded version, are both packed full of hit songs that never fail to get you in an atmosphere of worship or up on your feet dancing.
So it came as no surprise that ‘Bobo Me’ made me dance…like David danced ๐Ÿ™‚
The video is out today folks, and you’ll sure agree with me that Ada has some great moves there…so here you go, download to mobile: Ada’s Bobo Me, directed by Patrick Ellis, produced by Kelly Lyon and link provided by Sycamore Naija (thanks guys)

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It’s been more than two weeks since I last posted something…and my dear esteemed readers, it wasn’t for lack of material…Chymdii was in academic galactic space: more about that in a later blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now I’m sooo tired from my PH-Lag journey. Can u imagine I saw a bus that advertised themselves as a “flight alternative”? Interesting. Pls anyone tell me if it’s actually feasible? Buh wait o…in retrospect, if you booked a flight for, say 11:20am, which got delayed by an hour, then you arrived Lagos by 1:30pm, and spent the rest of the day in congested traffic trying to inch your way to Lekki (you’d have to deal with Ajah traffic), and had to get home by, say 4:30pm…if you did that, you’d still get home at the same time as someone whose bus left PH by 7:00am and came into Lagos through Ijebu Ode-Epe to Lekki…#justsaying. So somehow, that bus company’s claim was not too far-fetched, was it? ๐Ÿ™‚
Pls let me know what you think about that…thanks!

P.S I know we all know we are AFCON champions…buh mehn! The success sweet sha! Big ups to Naija as a whole!
Some one said that for the 90 minutes of the match, Nigeria became one: no Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa; no Boko Haram, no PDP, just good ol’ Naija. I just want us to remain that way. Ain’t too much to ask, is it? Meanwhile, trust some very wonderful peeps: my darling aunt, who absolutely luuurves Nigerian football, called me to tell me that I should tell my friends that Sunday Mba is from my place…like seriously Auntie, does it matter? Let’s try to see the big picture here! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheers y’all…one love!

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Money money money…it’s a rich man’s world!

I was in a cab today, and trust me and my chatterbox mouth, somehow somehow…the driver and I started gisting. He told me how he actually prefers working in the transport sector here in Port Harcourt than in Lagos, even though his wife and five kids live in Lagos. According to him, a day’s drop (a drop means a solo ride in a taxicab in this beautiful country called Naija) could go for about 10,000 naira (RIM please add the naira sign to your keypads, abi we never buy una phones taya? ๐Ÿ™‚ )…and I was like: who pays you 10k? He was like girls like me. Hmmm…like me? Is he sure they’re like me? Me I like to stroll o, no be even trek! ๐Ÿ˜€ Money is spent as the owner so pleases o jare…no be so? The driver probably thought I’d want to match that price range, abeg make e carry go…I no fit shout!

But seriously, life ain’t no competition. She’s wearing Armani, and you’re wearing Nkechi designs…so? No be tailor sew am? I know some of my friends will say “designers are different now…” But truth is, are you buying the designer label cos you appreciate the quality of the garment and you CAN pay for it, or are you just buying it cos it’s “designer’s”? If the latter is your option, no worry, ‘Christian Dion’ full for Aba!

Why am I saying this?
I have seen a lot of people lose focus in their spending habits cos of peer pressure and the crazy need to live like, or even better than, the Joneses.
Money is a servant, a seed and a spirit, and it will be for you what you want it to be, useless or useful. God has given us fundamental rules for our financial growth, that we have to follow in order to grow our wealth, cos we’re all wealthy…as for me I am…cos my Father is the Monarch of the Universe. But I have my priorities…so unlike some other folks, I won’t use my school fees to go shopping for an Ipad, or the Bold 10. I’ll first pay my tithe on my income or my increase. So oga driver, how much is your money…no dey tell me 10k!

Have a great week y’all…Peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

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