True words…

We’re celebrating Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, that’s the reason for the season…abi? That’s why we have Easter.

So I came across someone’s personal message on bbm, and it rang so true that I just had to share it.

You see, I get that a lot from folks around who don’t understand, or who have some personal bias against some churches, that kind of thing.

Like it says in the picture, Jesus cared enough to die for me! Happy Easter everyone!

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Thank God it’s Good Friday! While for some people it’s just another holiday, for a lot of others it’s a time of celebration…Jesus died!
So if He died today, shouldn’t I be sad and weeping? Well, I wish He didn’t have to suffer so much, but the reason and result of His death is sure worth celebrating! 1 Peter 2:24 says that He died that we might live for righteousness…wow!

Yes He died, but the joyful thing is that we know He rose again! That’s what makes Christianity different…that’s what makes us different! We’re not in search for truth, we have the truth!

God’s love is so overwhelming. Just imagine, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). So now that I’m born-again, I know that love just keeps waxing stronger. He sent His Son to die so that we might live a victorious life of favour and unlimited success.

Happy Easter everyone…woulda kept writing, but my eyelids seem to have a mind of their own, *yawn*…one luv!

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And this child survived…

I just saw this quote on Twitter by Jefferson Bethke (@JeffersonBethke): “a creative adult is a child that survived”. It reminds me of what Jesus said in the Bible: “Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all]” (Matt 18:3 Amplified Bible).
For a lot of people, life has left them bitter and broken, unable to trust anyone, much less forgive wrongs done. Love is a far-fetched thing for them. “It’s a jungle out there…so you gotta be a tiger in order to survive”… “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there”…these are the words of those who have allowed the hurts of this world to harden the soft, loving Jesus-sized space in them called a heart.

Jesus knew what He was saying when He asked us to be like children. God’s love needs that open-hearted, childlike heart, where there’s trust and love and the belief that all things indeed work together for good, just as it is in His Word (Rom 8:28).

I have met people who believe you put away childish things when you become an adult (1 Cor 13:11), and yes, I agree with them on that. But that passage did not mention putting away a childlike attitude and outlook to life, which is what was referred to in Matt 18:3. I know that God’s Word never contradicts itself.

I’m not saying we should live in denial and turn a blind eye to all the depraving things happening in this world. No. I know that there are wicked people who would go to any length to inflict hurt and pain, especially on little children. I know that not everyone is Goody Two-Shoes. I know that some people will rather stab you in the back, for no just cause. I know that.
But I also know that God’s Word is yea and amen, and that He has said I shall not be hurt (See Psalms 91; that’s some beautiful Scripture). I know that He is the Lord strong and mighty, who watches over His own. I know that I am protected and preserved from wicked and unreasonable men (2 Thess 3:1-3). I know that for every bad person out there, there are more good people. I know that I can still succeed inspite of challenging opposition. I know that forgiving people helps my heart, not them. I know that I am the love-child of a love-God.

Like the quote above says: “a creative adult is a child who survived”, the child within survived the harsh realities of growing up and still kept that true hunger to know more, to experiment and explore endless possibilities. That’s what God did when He created the earth. He saw something beautiful where there was nothing at all. We’re made in His image, so we create as well: ideas, carvings, recipes, you name it, every creation is us acting like God our Father.

Now why did I choose to write about this? It’s because I’ve always remained a child in the innermost recesses of my heart. A pastor once said that in each and everyone us, there is still that little child of five, that little toddler, that fresh adolescent. For me, it’s very true, and I wouldn’t wish it anyway else. Some people actually say it to my face that I don’t act grown up. I don’t care. If being grown up means living as if I don’t know that God loves me more than I could ever love myself; if being grown up means always looking over my shoulder to see who’s out to hurt me; if living that kind of life (where you’re afraid of taking a bold step toward your happiness and destiny because you fear the unknown) is being grown up, then I’d rather remain a child, resting assured in my Father’s love for me, for the Name of the Lord is indeed a strong tower (Prov 18:10). I’d rather be God’s baby (ever in His Presence) than act all grown up (and defenceless) before the devil.

My point exactly: let God’s Word have root in your heart. His Word may seem like foolishness to man, but it’s actually wiser than men (1 Cor 1:25). Don’t let the cares of this world strip you of the joy of growing in God’s Word that’s new every morning. As it is written in the Scriptures: “Keep (guard) thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

I hereby rest my case. Think upon these things, my friend. May God bless you.


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Ramblings of an Insomniac 1

I had started this a while back and now I wanna post the first part. If you like it, as a highly esteemed reader that you are, I’ll make sure I continue it. Just drop a comment…thanks!

It’s 1:23am. I’m on my bed, wide awake, listening to Asa on my headphones. I know I need to catch some sleep before the day unfolds, but I just can’t. My mind wanders into the forest of my memories like a child let loose in a sweet shop. I remember that Mike guy. Such a cocky fella. Imagine him telling me he’d make sure we got married. Hey, dude, I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole if my life depended on it. Eesh! Some guys eh! Mtschew! Tomorrow’s gon’ be quite a busy day…conferences and all that official stuff. Left to me I’d rather be at home, curled up on my bean bag in front of the projector screen, with a huge bag of popcorn and a bottle of Irish cream, watching movies. But a babe’s got to go to work, you know. So I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to get to work and get started on what promises to be a busy day. But before I do that, I’ve got to sleep, haven’t I? Oya o…sleep, where are you? Reminds me of Psalms 127:2…the beloved needs her sleep, Dear Lord…thank you. Ok, this seems to be working, ‘cos these eyes are starting to get quite heavy…see you in the morning…yawn…

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We dissed the devil! Youse!!

The Bible says resist the devil and he’ll flee in terror. My Pastor says the most dangerous person is not a terrorist, but a Christian who knows who he is and the rights that he has in Christ, and uses them.

There’s a guy who not only resists the devil, he disses him. As we say in Naija, “im finish am with mouth”.

As a 2nd year student in my alma mater, University of Port Harcourt, and a member of our campus fellowship choir; Uchman did this rap on D’banj’s Mo Gbono feli feli beat way back in 2009. 4 years later it’s still got swag.

Urch…as I like to call him…is a very unique kinda guy. He started mature colour-blocking way before anybody knew what it was (I’m serious! 😀 )

Okay, back to the song. With a distinctive sound, Uchman gets you from the very first lines of this set of 16 bars (abi na 32? 🙂 ) and keeps you nodding till the very end.

…And he ain’t talking dust.

The guy dishes out rhema with every one of his swaggalicious rhymes…and it’s clear he knows what he’s talking about…this Word is real to him; like he says in the rap: ‘we got Zoe!…and we’re serving Jehovah Effizi!’

You’ve really gotta listen to this guy, like D’banj, he’s telling us the ‘koko’: the devil is an ape in the zoo and we are King Kongs!


Devil Diss by Uchman the Churchman:

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G is for… (tell me what it’s for when you comment :) )

I’ve been looking at this screen for quite sometime now, wondering what exactly to write. I finally put finger to keypad, I type, then erase, type again, and erase…again. So I decide to let you all know how I feel.

So how do I feel? Anybody wanna take a wild guess? Hungry? Yes, a bit, but at this time, I no fit chop o, don’t wanna put on weight, so I’m just gonna have to wait till morning. Tired? No, not in the least bit. Sleepy? For where! My eye jus dey shine! 🙂

It’s more than a feeling though, it’s a reality, or state of mind.
I’m thankful,
joyously grateful to God for such a beautiful life,
For the Holy Spirit who’s my personal life trainer…I’m extra-grateful…
for the truth of His Word by which I live my life,
for the wonderful friends He’s brought in my life and who’ve agreed to stay, for the family who’ve stood by me every step of the way,
For my experiences and testimonies,
For the joy and the grace, for the strength to run the race.

I’m grateful…for the world we live in…the air, the food, the water, the trees
The inventors who’ve made life easier and much more fun…
Grateful for things like fashion, and cars, and phones, and the internet
…Grateful for sight, hearing, strong legs…grateful for health, divine, disease-free health.

In everything give thanks, so says God’s Word. I just did…what about you?

And of course, to the one reading this blog, I’m grateful for YOU! *hugs*

One love y’all!

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Mama’s Beat: Frank Edwards ft. Joey Drums

Yesterday was the International Day for Women, and no other woman is more celebrated than the mother: everyone’s got a momma, innit? Yeah. Frank Edwards’ mom is one mother who doesn’t need to be told her son loves her. What better way than to put it in a song? And that’s exactly what he did.

I hereby present to you, from Rocktown Records: Mama’s Beat, by Frank Edwards, featuring JoeyDrums.

And if by now you don’t know who I’m talking about, where on God’s beautiful planet Earth have you been? 🙂

Music maestro, excellent producer, God lover, extra talented gospel artiste, the original Richboy and Superstar Frank Edwards is in a class of his own when it comes to gospel music.

From the very first note, at the first drum beat, Mama’s Beat draws you into an exciting infusion of sounds expertly layered one over the other. I particularly like the flute insert…sweet.
As you listen, you just can’t help but think of your own mom, and imagine her dancing to the song; as he says…Mother of life…dance-ya for me…you just wanna go find your mom, give her a big hug and tell her you love her.

I told you he featured JoeyDrums, right? This guy, he sure worked ’em drums!!! Like seriously, for all y’all drummers out there, you ain’t drummed till you’ve drummed like Joey!

Enough said, before I start singing the whole song here 😀
Enjoy the song, thanks to Frank Edwards, it’s free!!!
Here you go…there’s a first one that’s majorly instrumental and then there’s a full version:

Mama’s Beat single:
Mama’s Beat full version:

P.S: I just couldn’t resist, Oya Joey, come and take seven naira!
(Curious? Listen to the song! 🙂 )

And to my very own mom, Aforji Okorie Ukpai of blessed memory, I love you dearly! You’re always in my heart!

Cheers y’all, keep winning!

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A for Adobe: the digital alphabet

If you read my last post, I’m pleased to announce to you that I’ve stopped vexing. 🙂 #teamH.A.P.P.Y all the way y’all…

Do you remember how you learnt the alphabet in nursery school? For me it was “A for apple, B for ball…”
I saw a post on Facebook today about how the children of the next generation will start learning the alphabet like this: “A for Adobe, B for Bluetooth…” Funny, innit? But truth is, times are different now. Question is, are we changing with the times?

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book: Retire Young, Retire Rich, explained how some people lived in a particular context and refused to be in sync with the times. These people never succeeded financially, because you needed to look into the future through the eyes of the youth in order to make the right decisions in business.

Sadly there are actually some people who are still doing things as it was in the beginning. These people shun social media and technology as a whole, or they cling to the fringes, owning an email account and never actually using it. They are the ones who are quick to point out all the disadvantages and dangers of the internet and all what not. Of course there are demerits to information technology, one of them being identity theft. But nothing comes without its own measure of risk. Even love. Now I’m digressing 🙂 While some folks are busy crying foul like Chicken Little, saying the sky is falling, others have quickly moved in and cashed into the various opportunities that have come with this age.

Back to school and learning. This time it’s in primary school. In my day, we used to sing one song after assembly, as we marched into our classrooms: *singing*
“Parents listen to your children/ we are the leaders of tomorrow…”
The leaders are all grown, and tomorrow is now today. Let’s get ready, alphabet learning in schools coul soon sound this way: “A for Adobe, B for Bluetooth, C for Chat, D for download, E for Email, F for Facebook, G for Google, H for hotmail…” 😀

Cheers y’all, one love…

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It’s my life!!!

Sometimes being a good girl is not always good…
People tend to think they can tell you what to do…
And how to do what to do…
And when to do what to do…
Anger fuels every keystroke in this poem…

Do you think I don’t have a right to be angry?
Abi na because you see me here?

I have my life to live.
You have yours.
Don’t try to live mine.

Sometimes it all seems so hypocritical
I’m nobody’s fool
Open your eyes
see me for who I am

I’ve found my voice
I’m living my life.

I ain’t no sacrificial lamb.
I ain’t your toy or doll.
I have a vision,
I have dreams.

I don’t need to ask your permission to live my dreams.
Say I dey respect you no mean say you go carry me play…wetin sef?!

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To write or not to write?

I have been looking at this page for quite some time now, thinking of what to write to you, my highly esteemed reader. No, it’s not a case of writer’s block. I have a lot of things to talk about, especially about what has happened to me these past weeks (wonderful things, I tell you!) It’s more like a case of “writer’s being too sensitive about what he/she writes, especially about him/herself.”

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, (or do I say self-analysis); like I’m seeing a therapist in my head, only in this case I’m both therapist and patient.

On one hand I want to talk about the little day to day things, and all the wonderful things that have been happening in my life. On the other hand I feel I’ll be making it look like I’m writing all about me.
You see, a writer always bares a bit of him/herself in writing. And for me, that’s a very sensitive place to be in; probably because I wonder what people would think of what I wrote, would they like it or not? Would it look like I’m blowing my own trumpet?
But this itch is like fire shut up in my bones (I still don’t know if it’s Elijah or Jeremiah or Isaiah who said that: note to self: Chymdii ‘study’ your Bible!)

This writing bug has bitten me…bad. And I gotta scratch it with all I’ve got.
So get ready folks, my testimonies are on the way!!!

To everyone on my side of the Greenwich Meridian, goodnight. Mosquitoes are singing in my ear, I’m off to fight them joor!!!

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