It’s my life!!!

Sometimes being a good girl is not always good…
People tend to think they can tell you what to do…
And how to do what to do…
And when to do what to do…
Anger fuels every keystroke in this poem…

Do you think I don’t have a right to be angry?
Abi na because you see me here?

I have my life to live.
You have yours.
Don’t try to live mine.

Sometimes it all seems so hypocritical
I’m nobody’s fool
Open your eyes
see me for who I am

I’ve found my voice
I’m living my life.

I ain’t no sacrificial lamb.
I ain’t your toy or doll.
I have a vision,
I have dreams.

I don’t need to ask your permission to live my dreams.
Say I dey respect you no mean say you go carry me play…wetin sef?!

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4 thoughts on “It’s my life!!!

    • chymdii says:

      Aww! Love you too honey! *hugs*
      Thanks dear, I’m happy you like my writing…
      my dear, some folks just think they can live my life for me…smh


    • chymdii says:

      Yes o, we’re tough! Actually this is the one post I did in less than ten minutes, didn’t really pay attention to literary finesse, I was vexing joor! šŸ™‚ Thanks!!!


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