G is for… (tell me what it’s for when you comment :) )

I’ve been looking at this screen for quite sometime now, wondering what exactly to write. I finally put finger to keypad, I type, then erase, type again, and erase…again. So I decide to let you all know how I feel.

So how do I feel? Anybody wanna take a wild guess? Hungry? Yes, a bit, but at this time, I no fit chop o, don’t wanna put on weight, so I’m just gonna have to wait till morning. Tired? No, not in the least bit. Sleepy? For where! My eye jus dey shine! 🙂

It’s more than a feeling though, it’s a reality, or state of mind.
I’m thankful,
joyously grateful to God for such a beautiful life,
For the Holy Spirit who’s my personal life trainer…I’m extra-grateful…
for the truth of His Word by which I live my life,
for the wonderful friends He’s brought in my life and who’ve agreed to stay, for the family who’ve stood by me every step of the way,
For my experiences and testimonies,
For the joy and the grace, for the strength to run the race.

I’m grateful…for the world we live in…the air, the food, the water, the trees
The inventors who’ve made life easier and much more fun…
Grateful for things like fashion, and cars, and phones, and the internet
…Grateful for sight, hearing, strong legs…grateful for health, divine, disease-free health.

In everything give thanks, so says God’s Word. I just did…what about you?

And of course, to the one reading this blog, I’m grateful for YOU! *hugs*

One love y’all!

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4 thoughts on “G is for… (tell me what it’s for when you comment :) )

  1. Sam Rio Nnaji says:

    This is amazing. You write so well, U keep ur audience almost salivating at what should be the next line,… For me, G is for Grace,…That inward influence that makes all things beautiful. Ur blog is a work of grace; keep it up Chy,…


    • chymdii says:

      Thank you so much! Na God o…you know na…ain’t by power, nor by might/talent. I actually believe that the anointing amplifies whatever it is we have in our hands…I’ll definitely keep it up!


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