Story story…2

If you read my previous post and liked it, here’s another outrageous story birthed from the imagination of a five-year old girl. Children are really amazing! Why am I sharing this? So that we can learn to listen to them and understand them, not just bark instructions at them: “Don’t bounce the ball!” “Sit down quietly!” “Stop pushing that table!”

Kids know far more than they let on, I tell you. All that Nollywood gets to them, let’s not ignore that fact. And they haven’t developed the capacity to separate fantasy from reality, so there’s no impossible to them.
Okay, let’s go!

Story story….story.
What upon a time…time time. (Na so she take talk am o!)

The title of my story is the mother, the dog, and the step-mother (where’s the child?)

One day, the mother went out and left the dog in the house. Later the dog went out. The mother came back and did not see the dog. She started looking for the dog. Then thieves came to the house. She took a knife to kill the thieves (*surprised face*). After killing the thieves she pooked them (cooked) and threw them away (What?! At least the mother no chop them! *huge sigh). Then the step- mother came to the house. More thieves came to the house, plenty. They did not know that it was the dog that sent the thieves (Omo see intrigue and suspense!) The thieves were very many that the mother and the step-mother had to run away and leave the house for the thieves. So the thieves now lived in the house (do we say “happily ever after”?)

I had to ask what the moral lesson was. Guess the reply? It’s not good to have dogs? No! She said, and I quote, “It’s not good to pook (cook) thieves”…hmmm….

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