Ghost of Candies past

I’m a certified sweet tooth. After all, I bake cakes ūüôā But this hole in my tooth still came as an annoying surprise. Pain doesn’t like me. In fact, there ain’t no love lost between the both of us. And o they started: the excruciating headaches and crazyaches (that’s my own word o, not a typo, at least I can do like Shakespeare small, abi?). In the midst of bemoaning my fate and the fact that I did not eat any serious chicken during Christmas, the me in me said to me in a whisper, “that’s the ghost of candies past come to haunt you!”

That’s when I remembered all the sweets I consumed as a four-year old, all those years of chocolate and Danish Butter cookies and all the accumulated nights of going to bed without brushing my teeth *covers face*

Why am I telling this story? A lot of times we forget that our actions, or sometimes lack of action, affects us in more ways than we can imagine, positive or negative. Those aerobic exercises that we did only in our minds, that business we’ve been planning to start once we found time, that book we’ve been meaning to read…all those wonderful ideas that have never seen the light of day. Those taxes we’ve been meaning to pay, that smoking habit we’ve been trying to stop, that last bowl of ice cream just after midnight (why does food always taste great at that time?) :)…all that stuff keeps piling up until BOOM! It explodes in our face and we’re left with its after-effects.

Now I don’t need Momma telling me to brush my teeth before I go to bed…cos I’ve experienced what happens when I don’t!

But you know, there’s one thing you just can’t neglect to do and later get an opportunity to do it right. When you make a mess of your life and your salvation, there’s no going back to do it over on Judgement Day. Just like the Donut Repair Man says, “Life without Jesus, is like a donut with a hole in the middle of your heart”. A lot of people fill that hole with all kinds of stuff: work, alcohol, sex, you name it. But yet that hole keeps growing wider and wider…cos it can only be filled by God. So my dear reader, if you don’t know the love of God in Christ, which passes all understanding…find Him now, before it’s too late. Romans 10: 9 says it all.


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