Why pass the blame?

Hello, my dear esteemed readers, I’m sorry I’ve not posted anything in quite a while…here’s something I’ve been thinking about, pls post your comments, let’s talk about it. Thanks.

It’s funny how the human nature always seems so selfish. We are quick to remind people to always be generous when we are the recipients of this generosity. We are not so eager to give when it’s our turn to be the “Father Christmas”. We are ready to blame others for some crazy thing we would have done in the same situation.

I am Nigerian, and I love my country Nigeria. When people complain about our leaders and the state of the political climate, I usually ask if they wouldn’t do same if they were in those positions of power. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not sanctioning all the corruption and embezzlement our leaders are so blatantly engaged in. All I’m saying is this: let us in our various spheres of contact in our own little ways, be the best that we can possibly be. Let’s keep our surroundings tidy by not littering. Let’s be honest to each other. Let’s render the best quality service in our jobs, not withstanding our job conditions. When we can all, everyone in his or her own little way, provide quality service in whatever industry we find ourselves, not scrimping on excellence, we can then assure ourselves of good governance, because we have imbibed and are deeply grounded in those qualities that make us outstanding and selfless leaders. You can check out my other post: The Adam Syndrome Cheers. Afterall, we’re good people, great nation, right? 🙂

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