The Adam Syndrome

A good friend of mine once said (to those people who are always criticizing the govt and our President) : “When you finish drinking that pure water and the satchet is empty, abi it’s Goodluck Jonathan that threw it away on the road for you?” This brings me to what I call the Adam Syndrome: blaming everyone and anyone but ourselves. We are responsible for our own failures, just as we pat ourselves on the back when we are successful. GEJ and the govt are not the ones paying other people to go and sit exams for our children. They are not the ones clogging our gutters with waste. They did not study and write the exams that made you a graduate. They did not write that application letter that was full of typographical errors. Just like what Nigerian undergraduates are fond of saying “they gave me an F”…who are the “they”? Did “they” read your books for you? When your result shows an A, why don’t you say “they gave you the A?” the story then turns to “I got an A”. Borrowing Shakespeare’s words: “To thine own self be true, and it will follow as the night (follows) the day”…let’s stop blaming other people for our own shortcomings. Each and every one of us can make a difference where we are. Like my friend said, GEJ didn’t throw that pure water satchet away.

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