My day didn’t really go as planned. I was supposed to go for a friend’s birthday party, and I ended up going for a service of songs. No, my friend did not die. I went with my aunt some place else, and the service of songs was our last stop. The deceased was a member of her church. He was just 54. I didn’t know him, but I still felt for the family, especially the wife and kids.

I got to thinking about life. A man lives, then dies. But it’s not the end, just a transition to eternal bliss in Christ. This is only if Jesus Christ was Lord over the man’s life while he was still on earth. While his family is sorrowful and in tears, he’s experiencing pure bliss and greater glory in the presence of God.

One lesson I took from it all: Live each day in gratitude. Thank God for your vision and for His perfect will that makes everything beautiful in His time.

I’m still quiet about a lot of things, so I’m not saying much now.

Peace…one luv.

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SSCE exam lesson things o! Choi!

Hi dears, I sincerely apologise for my break in transmission. How have y’all been? Yours truly has been cra’y busy with a lot of stuff, of which I’ma let y’all in pretty soon.

Okay, I was walking by a street in our burriful LasGidi, and I saw this notice on the fence. I wonder who actually went for those exam lessons? LOL!!!

But on a more serious note, mediocrity is not a good thing. And I see it everywhere in this dear country of mine. Most times it’s even celebrated, in the sense that when it’s clear you’re striving for excellence in your work and in your results, perhaps at work, there’ll be at least one person who’ll ask you, “Why you to dey carry this thing for your head? Na you get company?” I say to you, carry on…cos the way you take pride in your job at someone else’s company is the same way you’ll work at yours, and inspire others to work for you. We all need each other in this life. And as God’s Word puts it, “He that is faithful in little is faithful in much” (Luke 16:10)…”Seeth thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Proverbs 22:29)
Keep doing EVERYTHING excellent. You have an excellent Father.

So back to our advert: who wants to have 7 guaranteed crediCts? šŸ˜€

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