Strength of a Woman: Thots from the Deep.

That's right...we do! :)

That’s right…we do! šŸ™‚

I was studying God’s word this morning. I had started a new devotional plan, reading from Genesis 2. I realised that God had created every animal male and female. But he only created man first: male. Why? Then the Holy Spirit ministered to me: God wanted Adam, the man to WANT the woman. He wanted Adam to see the need for a help meet, a wife. God could have very easily created Adam and Eve at the same time. Adam would have woken to see a beautiful creature beside him that he didn’t know what to do with, that he wouldn’t know he needed. But God wanted Adam to SEE THE NEED for a helpmeet, a partner, a wife. That was the only way he would love and respect her.

Lesson One: to be a wife, you’ve got to be able to meet important needs in the fulfilment of the man’s vision. That goes without saying: the man’s got to have a vision…or else, both of you would just be drifting along any which way life takes you. You are a solution provider, a nurturer, a haven of peace and comfort for the king of your heart.

Lesson Two: don’t stay in a relationship where you’re not needed, where the man has no definite purpose, or you’ll be misused. Notice that when God created Adam, He first gave him something to do, a purpose for living. It was while Adam was fulfilling this purpose that he realised he needed a helpmeet. Now, babes, how can you meet a need if you’ve not been developing yourself according to God’s plan for your life? But thank God you are doing just that, aren’t you? Even if you’re not sure, the Holy Spirit is always there to guide you in the most important relationship ever, your relationship with your Creator and King.

He’s only just a prayer away.

One love.