Late night

Hey,  how have you been? Here I am,  lying on my bed by 10:57pm, bone tired,  but not brain tired. My thoughts are busy at work,  dreaming up the kind of life I want to have and what I should do to get it, while my body screams “Sleep!”. It’s a battle to ignore one and face the other. Guess this time around blogging won.
Just wanna say this though: Keep the Dream alive. In spite of how much energy and time your day job takes,  strive to do something everyday that gets you closer to your goal, even if it’s an inch closer.  Trust me,  that inch is better than nothing. Little drops of water,  remember? As I write this I’m reminding myself of my need to improve in being consistent in my actions.
So there goes folks,  just a quick reminder to keep at it, keep working on your success and personal development, especially with God’s Word, it’s your manual for life. As you study and put what you learnt to practice, God will definitely reward your labour of love (Hebrews 6:10) and bless you with abundance.  Cheers.

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