The Danfo Files: The Fight (a poem)

Glistening sweat on bare backs,
pushing and shoving
as the the BO reaches an all-time high in that dense mass of tangled legs,
arms and other unnamed objects.

Then the separation.
Another twist and tango
of arms and legs,
As the good-hearted
suffer the punishment
Of squeezes, bumps,
knocks and scrapes.
They fight,
to stop the fight.

The shouting continues,
The name calling:
Of generations unborn.
Of generations come and gone.
The rage unleashed,
Faces contorted in animal-like masks of raw anger,
Nostrils flared unending,
the air is rife
with insults and curses
As the sons of men
sow seeds of illwill
and hearts plot revenge.

The fighters are exhausted.
Passengers sit aloof and watch,
Passers-by walk on by.
Life is a nonstop movie.


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