The Sound of Silence 

Silhouette of a woman on a beach, Sound of Silence, calm, quiet

It’s dark and quiet. The mosquitoes have paused their nightly feed on my skin. For just a moment. The darkness is warm, welcoming, devoid of fear and all the terrible things that they said would come when the darkness came to take its place over our land. 

The silence that comes with the darkness is anything but…


I hear the colours of my mind whisper to one another, invoking memories and thoughts of aeons past as I lie awake waiting for sleep to pay me a visit. 

I sense the earth settle in, not to slumber but to repose, in stately atmosphere till dawn breaks again over this part of our land. Yet I wait for sleep to pay me a visit. 

I lie still, and the movements of the wind and far-away engines come to me in quiet calm. Sleep must be out and about somewhere else. 

The darkness remains warm, but the heat in this room is getting hot. I get up and pour the white blessing over my face, neck and back. Any body seeing this white face of mine shine through this darkness would remember the ‘ojujus’ of yesteryears. I sit still and the sound of silence draws closer. The white blessing works its magic. The heat is now cool. Sleep went on a vacation. 

I pick up my phone and type this post. 

Sleep will probably come later. 

See you in the morning. 

#onelove #grateful #forlife 🙏