welcome tag

I love to write. 

Thoughts swirl in my head, sentences spin stories and pictures paint themselves with words in my minds’ eye. I want to do justice to them, so I write. 

Welcome to my world of words. Read and laugh at funny, quirky stories in Fiction.

Let’s talk about stuff in our everyday lives and share some joy and wisdom in Coffee Talk.

Discover a whole new world of music as I share what’s hot on my Playlist. 

Experience books in a whole new way in Currently Reading. 

Get exclusive deals on advertised products and services in the Offers section.

Shop special items at unbeatable prices from Andii’s Lifestyle Shop. 

Parlez vous Français? Bienvenue. Read some of my stories and poems in French on Francophonie. 

And, saving the best for last, let’s talk about Jesus and the beautiful life He gives in Love 116. 

Thank you. Looking forward to enjoying sharing beautiful thoughts with you. 

Do share your thoughts, experiences and insights on different topics in the comments section as you read through. Let’s live, love, learn and laugh together.

Mi casa es su casa. Make yourself at home. Welcome to my world.

One Love. 


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