TMD: Money Whisperers

You need to have seen these guys hedging their bets on The Money Drop Nigeria. These two friends, Taro Ndifeokezie and Frank Anachebe, were the last duo to play Season One’s fast-paced game of intelligence and smart wits. As Gideon Okeke said, these guys believed that they should listen to what the money says…interesting. And the money really spoke to them, because these Igbo business partners made history as the first duo to win $16,000 on TMD Nigeria. No joke!

Favour was on their side, really. The question about the aglet, and the one about most counterfeited products in the US, just made me know how much common sense and logic can go a long way in making dreams come true.

Trust our Igbo brothers, while they were deliberating on the last question, consumer electronics and shoes, which item was the most counterfeited in the United States, Frank said that when it comes to shoes, there’s no chip in the shoes to identify the fake from the original, and that once they’re bought you can’t easily return them the way you’d return electronics. Listen to this: he said that personally, since he also sells shoes, his prayer for every customer is that he/she wears the new pair of shoes out, so that if the person ever comes back to complain, he won’t have to take back the shoes because the customer actually wore them from the time of purchase! See sense! 😀

So the money whispered its secrets to these guys and gave itself up to them. Hmmm. *off to talk to my own bank account…*

See ya…one luv.

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Wow! The much anticipated video for Ada’s newest single, Bobo Me, premiered today, and it’s hot! Excellent camera lighting angles, and all of that technical stuff, it was just so awesome!
Call me an over-excited fan if you will, but Ada, (former stage name Ada Dasings) is a vocal masterpiece. Her first album Undenied, and the Reloaded version, are both packed full of hit songs that never fail to get you in an atmosphere of worship or up on your feet dancing.
So it came as no surprise that ‘Bobo Me’ made me dance…like David danced 🙂
The video is out today folks, and you’ll sure agree with me that Ada has some great moves there…so here you go, download to mobile: Ada’s Bobo Me, directed by Patrick Ellis, produced by Kelly Lyon and link provided by Sycamore Naija (thanks guys)

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