“Clean-up”…now? :(

Whew! If you remember those Saturdays when Mom would make you clean the house from top to bottom, and your back would ache so much you’d definitely need a massage, then you grew up in a family like mine…every Saturday would be like this: 3 pots of soup cooked and a mountain of laundry tackled the same day, thank God for these days of modern appliances like the washing machine! 🙂

That’s exactly why I don’t like working on Saturdays joor! Do the laundry on Thursdays and clean the house on Friday evenings, then go swimming on Saturday, now that’s my kinda thang! 🙂

So whatever you did this weekend, I hope you sure had fun, cheers!

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New Year…new me… :-p

As I formally welcome myself to WordPress, I sit back and think about all the wonderful things I want to achieve this year…them plenny no be small! So, why did I start blogging? Is it because it seems to be the ‘in’ thing now? Nah, I can assure you, my dear, highly esteemed reader, that the above-mentioned reason is not the case here. I’m blogging because it’s like an itch, like “fire shut up in my bones” (to borrow the words of Isaiah,-abi na Ezekiel, or Jeremiah?-anyway, you know what I’m talking about *smile* ) I blog ‘cos I want to, absolutely have to let out these thoughts in my head, and add my voice and input to the millions providing solutions in this wonderful world of ours.

You see, thoughts are just thoughts until they’ve been put into action. Dreams are just dreams until our actions make them realities. Remember I told you about my plenny new year plans (people have made me avoid the word ‘resolutions’), and writing just finds its way to wriggle its lovely self into them…abi is the Lord telling me something? :-)…so I kuku said to myself, “Chymdii, oya o…do something about this!”

In the days before this amazing age of Information Technology, writers used to have these big hard cover notebooks filled with pages and pages of writing: twas really some ‘manuscript!’ But now everything is easier…so ain’t no excuse fo’ ya not to write! (Note to self).

So there, welcome to the New Me! I owe it to you, Dear Reader, to help you in the way that I can, in this wonderful journey of life, as I share my thoughts, quotes, poems, stories and everything that makes me me, (well, are you sure you want everything? *smile*), ok the best of me…it’s going to be a beautiful year together!

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