The Danfo Files: Part One: Wetin dem write for bus

Hey hey hey!  I’m so super sorry I’ve  been MIA here on the blog…loads of stuff to get sorted out,  especially now that I’m in paid employment,  and not lounging at home.  (Gosh I miss those days…lol).


How have you all been? I miss you guys,  especially my friends and family who keep asking me when I’ll start blogging again.  Here I am folks! ☺ Big shout out to Big Rio,  Grimchild (Dimitri) and Night Walker.  Love you guys to the moon and back.  😄


… Okay, so I’ve been going to work, waking up pretty early, getting home late, and I’ve been in quite a lot of Danfo buses in dear ol’ LasGidi.


And these  buses…long,  tall,  short,  wide, different shapes, one predominant colour: a shocking yellow so bright it leaves stars in your eyes the first time you see it in Lagos, numerous bright yellow buses clustered in the parks and on the roads in traffic jams,  fighting for space to move just a few metres.


The stuff I see written on these buses kinda let you know what the driver of the bus is about. So I  decided to put up the ones I’ve seen so far.  I used to write them down, thinking I’d keep them for my novel I’m working on. But I’ll just put them up now and keep updating the descriptions and photos as I see them.  If you’ve see any others.,  please feel free to add them as you comment   thanks.


It's not yellow, it's not even a danfo, but it's got an inscription. #SayNotoCrime

I’ll just go ahead and write down the ones I couldn’t take photos of. But trust me,  from now on I’ll be ready with my camera. Here goes :

“Fuck all those who think I can’t do without them”
(I saw this one on a keke marwa one evening on my way home. Interesting message from the keke driver. All concerned have been warned, lol.)

“Pls respect my office” (Yeah,  the driver’s danfo is his office ☺)

“No time for love” (Really? Okay ooo,  you no go marry?)

“VIP” (no be small vip,  lol)

“The Bible will keep U from sin,  or sin will keep “U” from the Bible” (nice ☺)

and the pics of funny stuff on buses list goes on….☺

Okay, it’s time for me to close from work,  and enter another danfo again on my way home…o wole ooo!

Update: so I got into a bus during the morning rush hour and saw this:
I wonder what kind of experience he’s had with women to make him write that on his bus as a daily reminder. Oh well. Everyone has a story. I’m in the middle of one kain traffic that I don’t need this morning. Gotta get to work. Chai. Lagos…

And it’s another one:

You probably wonder why I’m writing about danfo buses and the drivers. This is because I realized that a lot of times we just use these buses to get to our destinations, and we’re too busy to think of these people as actual human beings, and wonder about their lives and their stories. I have also seen a lot while riding in buses, and while I’m working towards not needing a danfo to move from point A to point B, it’s quite interesting what happens in the buses and parks sometimes. So here am I, telling my story. Bless.

Mama’s Beat: Frank Edwards ft. Joey Drums

Yesterday was the International Day for Women, and no other woman is more celebrated than the mother: everyone’s got a momma, innit? Yeah. Frank Edwards’ mom is one mother who doesn’t need to be told her son loves her. What better way than to put it in a song? And that’s exactly what he did.

I hereby present to you, from Rocktown Records: Mama’s Beat, by Frank Edwards, featuring JoeyDrums.

And if by now you don’t know who I’m talking about, where on God’s beautiful planet Earth have you been? 🙂

Music maestro, excellent producer, God lover, extra talented gospel artiste, the original Richboy and Superstar Frank Edwards is in a class of his own when it comes to gospel music.

From the very first note, at the first drum beat, Mama’s Beat draws you into an exciting infusion of sounds expertly layered one over the other. I particularly like the flute insert…sweet.
As you listen, you just can’t help but think of your own mom, and imagine her dancing to the song; as he says…Mother of life…dance-ya for me…you just wanna go find your mom, give her a big hug and tell her you love her.

I told you he featured JoeyDrums, right? This guy, he sure worked ’em drums!!! Like seriously, for all y’all drummers out there, you ain’t drummed till you’ve drummed like Joey!

Enough said, before I start singing the whole song here 😀
Enjoy the song, thanks to Frank Edwards, it’s free!!!
Here you go…there’s a first one that’s majorly instrumental and then there’s a full version:

Mama’s Beat single:
Mama’s Beat full version:

P.S: I just couldn’t resist, Oya Joey, come and take seven naira!
(Curious? Listen to the song! 🙂 )

And to my very own mom, Aforji Okorie Ukpai of blessed memory, I love you dearly! You’re always in my heart!

Cheers y’all, keep winning!

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