Have you read the papers?


“Have you read the papers, do you hear what they say?”

That’s the first line of Cobhams Asuquo’s single title “I still choose to worship You”.

This song has been in my head for some days now. I’ve been singing it in bits, until I couldn’t put I off any longer. Now I’m watching Cobhams Asuquo on Shazam as he renders this worship song that is truly “not your normal worship song”.

The lyrics are not your normal worship lyrics, neither is the sound. Especially in this video, where Cobhams’ raspy voice (here in this video) underscores the emotional pain of the series of bad news in the first verse.


Now what is there to learn? God is God anyway. So still choose to worship Him, in spite of all that is not ‘seemingly okay’…especially when all seems not okay. When all else may be topsy-turvy and it looks like help is nowhere in sight, there’s always something to do, and that is to lose your ‘self’ in worship and find yourself in God.

Lift up your voice…release the sweet-smelling savour of worship…and bless the Lord…for the gift of His Son and the grace to fight the battles you may be facing.

Bless ye the Lord…

One love.

Mama’s Beat: Frank Edwards ft. Joey Drums

Yesterday was the International Day for Women, and no other woman is more celebrated than the mother: everyone’s got a momma, innit? Yeah. Frank Edwards’ mom is one mother who doesn’t need to be told her son loves her. What better way than to put it in a song? And that’s exactly what he did.

I hereby present to you, from Rocktown Records: Mama’s Beat, by Frank Edwards, featuring JoeyDrums.

And if by now you don’t know who I’m talking about, where on God’s beautiful planet Earth have you been? 🙂

Music maestro, excellent producer, God lover, extra talented gospel artiste, the original Richboy and Superstar Frank Edwards is in a class of his own when it comes to gospel music.

From the very first note, at the first drum beat, Mama’s Beat draws you into an exciting infusion of sounds expertly layered one over the other. I particularly like the flute insert…sweet.
As you listen, you just can’t help but think of your own mom, and imagine her dancing to the song; as he says…Mother of life…dance-ya for me…you just wanna go find your mom, give her a big hug and tell her you love her.

I told you he featured JoeyDrums, right? This guy, he sure worked ’em drums!!! Like seriously, for all y’all drummers out there, you ain’t drummed till you’ve drummed like Joey!

Enough said, before I start singing the whole song here 😀
Enjoy the song, thanks to Frank Edwards, it’s free!!!
Here you go…there’s a first one that’s majorly instrumental and then there’s a full version:

Mama’s Beat single: http://t.co/rhTTGMdeTm
Mama’s Beat full version: http://t.co/WXavK72BIF

P.S: I just couldn’t resist, Oya Joey, come and take seven naira!
(Curious? Listen to the song! 🙂 )

And to my very own mom, Aforji Okorie Ukpai of blessed memory, I love you dearly! You’re always in my heart!

Cheers y’all, keep winning!

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Wow! The much anticipated video for Ada’s newest single, Bobo Me, premiered today, and it’s hot! Excellent camera lighting angles, and all of that technical stuff, it was just so awesome!
Call me an over-excited fan if you will, but Ada, (former stage name Ada Dasings) is a vocal masterpiece. Her first album Undenied, and the Reloaded version, are both packed full of hit songs that never fail to get you in an atmosphere of worship or up on your feet dancing.
So it came as no surprise that ‘Bobo Me’ made me dance…like David danced 🙂
The video is out today folks, and you’ll sure agree with me that Ada has some great moves there…so here you go, download to mobile: Ada’s Bobo Me, directed by Patrick Ellis, produced by Kelly Lyon and link provided by Sycamore Naija (thanks guys) http://t.co/71yU17Bvyk

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Jotta A: extraordinary!

The first time I heard Jotta A, he did not sound like a young boy, but like one who knows God loves him, and who loves God back, with every fibre of his being. I watched him sing Agnus Dei, and it was wow! When I got to hear he’d released his album, Essencia, and I got to watch this video from a friend, it was amazing to see him perform a song that was so deep. I don’t speak Portuguese, -still learning- but the song didn’t need language to grip my spirit and reach out to my soul: awesome!

So here you go peeps: Extraordinario by Jotta A.
If you’ve already seen the video, you’d know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, feel free to let yourself go in worship!

Audio: http://m.twebee.com/detail/EcLLJpDK/jotta-a-extraordinario-mp3.html


And when you’re done, be sure to look for the album and buy online! 😉

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