A for Adobe: the digital alphabet

If you read my last post, I’m pleased to announce to you that I’ve stopped vexing. 🙂 #teamH.A.P.P.Y all the way y’all…

Do you remember how you learnt the alphabet in nursery school? For me it was “A for apple, B for ball…”
I saw a post on Facebook today about how the children of the next generation will start learning the alphabet like this: “A for Adobe, B for Bluetooth…” Funny, innit? But truth is, times are different now. Question is, are we changing with the times?

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book: Retire Young, Retire Rich, explained how some people lived in a particular context and refused to be in sync with the times. These people never succeeded financially, because you needed to look into the future through the eyes of the youth in order to make the right decisions in business.

Sadly there are actually some people who are still doing things as it was in the beginning. These people shun social media and technology as a whole, or they cling to the fringes, owning an email account and never actually using it. They are the ones who are quick to point out all the disadvantages and dangers of the internet and all what not. Of course there are demerits to information technology, one of them being identity theft. But nothing comes without its own measure of risk. Even love. Now I’m digressing 🙂 While some folks are busy crying foul like Chicken Little, saying the sky is falling, others have quickly moved in and cashed into the various opportunities that have come with this age.

Back to school and learning. This time it’s in primary school. In my day, we used to sing one song after assembly, as we marched into our classrooms: *singing*
“Parents listen to your children/ we are the leaders of tomorrow…”
The leaders are all grown, and tomorrow is now today. Let’s get ready, alphabet learning in schools coul soon sound this way: “A for Adobe, B for Bluetooth, C for Chat, D for download, E for Email, F for Facebook, G for Google, H for hotmail…” 😀

Cheers y’all, one love…

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