Hi guys, welcome to the “serious side”of moi!

This is just a peep into who I am as a professional, you could say this is the business side of me.


So, asides from writing fiction, poetry, rambling about things I find quirky and funny and sharing inspiration, Love and Light on my blog…

I am a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French and German). I have worked as an editor and I currently still do some editing work freelance.

I am a digital marketing strategist with over two years of professional experience in digital branding and content strategy, having successfully worked with various brands across the private sector.

I am continuously studying and learning about the digital marketing industry, and have received diplomas and certifications from different institutions.

I also am a Google Digital Skills for Africa Trainer and I have handled Digital Marketing Training sessions in various cities and institutions.

Interested in updating your digital skills?

You can find out more about Google’s Digital Skills for Africa here and here.

I serve as the Head, Digital Business and Social Media Strategy at BloomSquare PR. Get to know more at

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Keep living, loving and don’t forget to laugh. #onelove

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