Ramblings of an Insomniac 1

I had started this a while back and now I wanna post the first part. If you like it, as a highly esteemed reader that you are, I’ll make sure I continue it. Just drop a comment…thanks!

It’s 1:23am. I’m on my bed, wide awake, listening to Asa on my headphones. I know I need to catch some sleep before the day unfolds, but I just can’t. My mind wanders into the forest of my memories like a child let loose in a sweet shop. I remember that Mike guy. Such a cocky fella. Imagine him telling me he’d make sure we got married. Hey, dude, I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole if my life depended on it. Eesh! Some guys eh! Mtschew! Tomorrow’s gon’ be quite a busy day…conferences and all that official stuff. Left to me I’d rather be at home, curled up on my bean bag in front of the projector screen, with a huge bag of popcorn and a bottle of Irish cream, watching movies. But a babe’s got to go to work, you know. So I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to get to work and get started on what promises to be a busy day. But before I do that, I’ve got to sleep, haven’t I? Oya o…sleep, where are you? Reminds me of Psalms 127:2…the beloved needs her sleep, Dear Lord…thank you. Ok, this seems to be working, ‘cos these eyes are starting to get quite heavy…see you in the morning…yawn…

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To write or not to write?

I have been looking at this page for quite some time now, thinking of what to write to you, my highly esteemed reader. No, it’s not a case of writer’s block. I have a lot of things to talk about, especially about what has happened to me these past weeks (wonderful things, I tell you!) It’s more like a case of “writer’s being too sensitive about what he/she writes, especially about him/herself.”

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, (or do I say self-analysis); like I’m seeing a therapist in my head, only in this case I’m both therapist and patient.

On one hand I want to talk about the little day to day things, and all the wonderful things that have been happening in my life. On the other hand I feel I’ll be making it look like I’m writing all about me.
You see, a writer always bares a bit of him/herself in writing. And for me, that’s a very sensitive place to be in; probably because I wonder what people would think of what I wrote, would they like it or not? Would it look like I’m blowing my own trumpet?
But this itch is like fire shut up in my bones (I still don’t know if it’s Elijah or Jeremiah or Isaiah who said that: note to self: Chymdii ‘study’ your Bible!)

This writing bug has bitten me…bad. And I gotta scratch it with all I’ve got.
So get ready folks, my testimonies are on the way!!!

To everyone on my side of the Greenwich Meridian, goodnight. Mosquitoes are singing in my ear, I’m off to fight them joor!!!

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Where are the love letters?

Before you start wondering which love letters I’m talking about, remember that boy in primary school who was always pulling your hair, teasing you and generally getting on your nerves? And the one in secondary school who used to send you those ‘ditto & doxology’ notes? 🙂 Yeah! Those letters were hilariously cheesy! I remember the boys used to quote full Westlife, Boys 2 Men, and All 4 One songs…eesh! Then those gargantuan words copied and pasted from dictionaries that smelt as ancient as the words themselves…:D. As the Boys truly became Men, the language either changed to something much more mature, or that mushy part of their brains disappeared entirely 🙂 Now with our fast-growing Information Technology, we’ve evolved from writing lengthy love letters by hand to typing text messages, e-mails and instant messages. Our love has gone techno!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating that we go back to those Nipost days, no. It’s just that, being as in love as I am with words and writing, it would be nice to see a hand-written note or card (oh how I love cards!) once in a while…being sent or being received, being bought in a store, being cherished…weaving its way back into the fabric of our lives. There’s a touch of humanity, a part of one’s personality that shows in our handwriting. The various emoticons on our messenger apps help us fill that void sha.

But wait o…what medium am I using to create this blog post? 🙂

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New Year…new me… :-p

As I formally welcome myself to WordPress, I sit back and think about all the wonderful things I want to achieve this year…them plenny no be small! So, why did I start blogging? Is it because it seems to be the ‘in’ thing now? Nah, I can assure you, my dear, highly esteemed reader, that the above-mentioned reason is not the case here. I’m blogging because it’s like an itch, like “fire shut up in my bones” (to borrow the words of Isaiah,-abi na Ezekiel, or Jeremiah?-anyway, you know what I’m talking about *smile* ) I blog ‘cos I want to, absolutely have to let out these thoughts in my head, and add my voice and input to the millions providing solutions in this wonderful world of ours.

You see, thoughts are just thoughts until they’ve been put into action. Dreams are just dreams until our actions make them realities. Remember I told you about my plenny new year plans (people have made me avoid the word ‘resolutions’), and writing just finds its way to wriggle its lovely self into them…abi is the Lord telling me something? :-)…so I kuku said to myself, “Chymdii, oya o…do something about this!”

In the days before this amazing age of Information Technology, writers used to have these big hard cover notebooks filled with pages and pages of writing: twas really some ‘manuscript!’ But now everything is easier…so ain’t no excuse fo’ ya not to write! (Note to self).

So there, welcome to the New Me! I owe it to you, Dear Reader, to help you in the way that I can, in this wonderful journey of life, as I share my thoughts, quotes, poems, stories and everything that makes me me, (well, are you sure you want everything? *smile*), ok the best of me…it’s going to be a beautiful year together!

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